Winter keeping of your boat

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We normally take the boats out of the water with our hydraulic lifting trailer. The boat is then directly taken to it's storing place outdoors with no reloading. The reason for this is simply, less handling - less risk.

The boat is normally taken out of the water at a time booked by the owner.
When placing the boat indoors the boat has to be reloaded onto a trailer because lifting the boat indoors is not possible.

If the boat is taken out of the water on a trailer, this (above) is not applicable.
On sailing boats the mast often has to be taken off. This can be done by the boat owner himself or with the assistance from the Marina staff. The Marina is equipped with a mast crane that is easy to operate. This crane is placed near the launching ramp.

The bottom of the boat is cleaned with high pressure immediately when taken out of the water. This is included in the price as long as the bottom is "normal dirty". If the boat needs mechanical scraping, we contact the owner because for this we need to charge extra.

If you as the boat owner want to be present when your boat is being handled, this is no problem as long as it works time wise.

Before the winter a number of precautions need to be taken, see - Service -

Launching of your boat is also normally done when you want it. We are not locked into a schedule i e when the boats must be taken out of or launched into the sea. This, we know, is much appreciated by our customers.

If, after launching the boat, you want to keep it at the Marina for a week or so, we can normally arrange it even if you don't have your own mooring place by our bridges.
See - Moorings -

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