Moorings and car parking

We may not be "biggest and most beautiful" but we want to be best and most pleasant.


You can rent a place for your boat by our bridges/piers.
Grännäs Marina has today around 50 places to rent by our bridges. 40 of these are between the floating bridges and the matching buoys.

All the fixed system of bridges has recently been renovated and upgraded for safe and easy access to the boats. The section by the mast crane has been developed to make it easy to get your mast there and away from there.

The central bridge is now equipped with a long table (11 meters) and seating capacity for some 40 persons and light. All this is to make it an enjoyable place to all of us.

The central bridge can be used for loading and unloading of your boat. Here you can also fill up your water tank with good drinking water.
The electrical outlets here are supplied with 230V and 400V.

Our rental rules you find further down on this page.

You may park your car at the Marina at no extra cost. If you want to park your car indoors, while you are out with your boat, this can normally be arranged in one of our locked depots.

If, after the launching of your boat you want to keep it at the Marina for a week or so, we can normally arrange it even if you don't have your own mooring place by our bridges.

Two of the owners of the Marina live very close to the marina. This makes it easy to keep a good watch at your boat as well as your car.



Rental rules for boat-mooring places at Grännäs Marina

Grännäs Marina AB rents out places to moor your boat on these conditions.

  1. The boat-mooring place is rented in the condition as is, meaning that it should be returned in the same condition after the period as it was in the beginning of the period.
  2. The tenant is responsible for the boat, the mooring material, and for supervision of the boat. Grännäs Marina is responsible for the mooring ring in the bridge, the buoy, buoy-stone and the buoy-chain/cable or equivalent. The tenant is to check that this equipment is relevant and enough for his very boat.
  3. The boat when moored must be equipped with suitable fenders to prevent damage to neighbouring boats. The tenant / boat owner is responsible for damage caused by his boat.
  4. The rent is normally paid during the spring in the beginning of the boat season. The rent will not be paid back due to shortening of the lease time depending on the tenant.
  5. A rented boat-mooring place must not be transferred over to another person.
  6. The boat-mooring place and the surroundings should be kept clean and tidy and it is of course forbidden to dump garbage, oil or such in the water or on land. There is a place on the Marina where reasonable amounts of garbage from your boat may be left.
    Regarding other types of garbage like batteries, oil etc contact the staff at the Marina for assistance or take the garbage to one of the places arranged by the Municipality of Valdemarsvik.
  7. The boat owner has to keep his boat insured. Information about the insurance company and insurance number must be given to the Marina. This is for the safety of everyone if something happens.
  8. We at Grännäs Marina do hope that everyone understands that these rules are there in order to make the Marina a nice and safe place to be with your family and your boat. Should you have thoughts or ideas regarding this or regarding the activities on the Marina please tell us. We promise to listen, also to criticism or suggestions that will help us make an even better Marina.

Rent a mooring place during the swedish summer in 2006. The price is Sek 1.875 incl vat.

Updated in January 2006


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