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We may not be "biggest and most beautiful" but we want to be best and most pleasant.


Five persons founded Grännäs Marina AB during the autumn of 2004,
Ola and Gunilla Svensson, brother and sister and owners of Båt & Motor AB, see - Links -
Roger Engdahl, owner of Waldemarsvik´s Bygg o Svets AB,
Bertil Eklund, owner of KEO-Produkter AB,
Bertil Guve, owner of M/S Capricorn,

All these people live or are active in Valdemarsvik or it's neighbourhood. Two of the part owners, Bertil Guve and Bertil Eklund live just beside the Marina.

Our objective is to create a Marina, a place to meet for boat owners and other guests.
This should be a pleasant place to visit whenever you like. Bring your family, a thermos with coffee, sit down by our central bridge and just relax and enjoy it.

The Marina was founded by purchasing a number of real estates and the water area around the Marina. One of these estates was a Marina owned by Bertil Eklund and his company Grännäs Marincenter AB. The machines and bridges from this company is the foundation of the new Marina. Grännäs Marincenter was founded in 1970. This fact contributes with many years of experience.

We have during 2005 built one new depot adding 660 m2 indoors. This depot is being used for cold storing of boats. We use one depot (The A-depot) for frost free storing. Grännäs Marina now has 1700 m2 indoors storing in 5 depots. More depots are under consideration.

We have by now renovated all our bridges and piers. Our machines have also been gone through and upgraded. The same goes for the yard and the surrounding land area.
We continue the upgrading.

We also rent out premises for other purposes than storing boats when available.

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This description was updated in March 2009

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